Ethical Hacking Tricks

To become an Ethical Hacker first you need to know everything about black hat hacker
What they do?
How they do?
What technique they use for hacking?
So, Appic Team Presents You Hack Them which keep you updated with features like daily hacks updates, most frequent hacker news, chat so that you can ask other people about their tech hacks and tricks and share with them yours also.
Hackers Dictionary – Will help you to get started with the common terms that are used in this field.
Staying Anonymous – How to keep yourself anonymous.
Basic Config & Tools – RATS, Backtrack, Kali Linux etc.
Trojans – Introduction to Trojans.
RATS – Introduction to Remote Administration Tools (RATS).
Keyloggers – Introduction to Keyloggers.
Protect Yourself – How to keep yourself out from other hackers.
Hack WiFi password real
Hack app data
Hacker Softwares
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Do you want to learn ethical hacking?
Or you want to understand the meaning of ethical hacking deeper? The answer lies in this application. This guide app provides complete matter to learn ethical hacking ranging from basic to advanced level.
This is the 2018 latest apps which are based on Hacker Theme and will be served as a launcher application for all the hacking related stuff and along with that it will provide you best hacking tricks ,hacking tips and a lot hacks.

This app will help you to unleash hidden menus, phone unlocking ,boot loading and many things like playing with the os (operating system ) ,os tricks , using this app you can find various hidden features of the app like :-
Viral Tricks is an ethical hacking tutorial app that provides advance knowledge about
1.Ethical Hacking programming security cracking
4.exploits weakness in a computer system or computer network
5.Modify computer appearance in (windows)
6.Create many types computer virus (destructive virus or files stealer virus, etc)
7.Modify games to plays with the codings of reg, bat, vbs, jar, html, php etc
9.Android tricks
10.Scripting tutorial
11.Networking tutorial
12.Pc tricks
13.Kali linux tutorial
14.Commands tutorial
15.Registry hacks
16.Operating system
17.Software information
18.Hackers info

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