Easy Tips And Tricks Every Driver Should Know

People who can’t seem to exert enough energy to slightly lift one finger and use their turn signal, but they can make general upkeep and travel a little bit less stressful.

Use Toothpaste To Clean Headlights.

Simply buff your headlights with toothpaste on a soft cloth, and they’ll look good as new in minutes

Properly Adjust Your Mirrors.

Safety experts believe that mirrors should be positioned so that no part of your car appears in them, as that’s the best way to negate blind spots that require you to turn your head when changing lanes.

The mirror placements should slightly overlap with the field of view in the center-mounted rear-view mirror.

Tie Up Your Phone.

Thread a rubber band through your air conditioner vent for a makeshift phone holder.

Fast Food Fix.

Tired of fast food ruining your car floors?

Shower caddies are a simple solution to keeping meals in place during a bumpy ride, which is especially helpful with kids.

Make A Trash Can.

Need a sturdy trash can? Line a cereal container with a bag and you’re all set.

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